I F S I I S    O L S O S    SAVES !

       I F S I I S    O L S O S    SAVES ?

Look what happens when you

             connect the LOWER dots to 


                                                        the UPPER dots


You can wear and share your connection with Jesus too!


At this time I have:

(2) Shirts in size SMALL

(3) Shirts in size MEDIUM

(5) Shirts in size LARGE

(1) Shirt in size X-LARGE

To get your IFSIIS OLSOS SAVES t-shirt before they are gone, send your request to: 


I will send a PayPal invoice by email to make a safe and secure payment.

We will be making some new designs once these are sold.  Watch for them!

We consider custom ideas!

Do you or your group/organization want a different color shirt or ink?  If you order 10 or more shirts, tell us what color t-shirt and ink, and we can make them and, AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE.  For more information, email us at:  ConnectToJesus@gmail.com.

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